Wanless is committed to undertaking business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, having due regard for standards and expectations of the community and protecting the environments in which we operate. As a business we strive to continually improve our environmental performance and strategically assist our customers to improve theirs.

What you might be surprised at is that while you’re saving the planet, you’re also saving money. Clean waste streams – that is, sorted and uncontaminated rubbish – is a lot cheaper to manage. For example, a cardboard bin of the same size as a general waste bin will cost you up to half the price to collect and empty. That’s a 50% saving. The same goes for timber, steel and many other types.

Wanless recognises that strong environmental performance is critical to our businesses success. Our holistic approach means we consider all wastes as a resource, and strive through our collections and Resource Recovery Alliance to incorporate recovery, recycling and re-use in everything we do.

Wanless commitment to Customers

Wanless Account Managers work closely with our customers to understand your businesses sustainability goals and targets, considering all your waste streams to create an effective strategy for waste diversion and resource recovery. Ultimately improving your environmental performance.

Our experience is that to drive continuous improvement and ultimately meet your sustainability targets it’s a combination of:

  • Clear strategic direction based on Wanless 50+ years experience in the waste Industry
  • Utilisation of  equipment that’s colour coded to appropriate recycling streams that encourages strong recycling results
  • Simple, identifiable signage that assists the right recycling choices
  • Engaging with staff through an at work education program of which Wanless can deliver
  • Monthly waste reporting allows customers to track costs and volumes, communicating valuable insights on performance and improvements
  • Understanding contamination and its impacts on cost to your business

Wanless sustainability commitment

Due to the nature of our operations we understand what we do as a business can have a potential impact on the environment. Minimising any adverse environmental impact, and care for the environment is the responsibility of all Wanless personnel and contractors at every level of the Company and its embedded in our corporate culture.

Our team members are committed to upholding high environmental standards as a representative of our company. For the broader protection of the environment, Wanless promotes a work environment where sustainability is fundamental to our daily operations delivered through:

  • A systematic approach to controlling environmental hazards and risks
  • Effective management demonstrated by commitment and direct involvement at all levels of the company.
  • In its activities Wanless is committed to ensure all work sites are maintained to prevent unacceptable risks to employees and the environment. This will be achieved by:
  • Ensuring there is a system in place aimed at protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Commitment to the community

Wanless is committed to protecting the greater environment as well as the communities in which we operate. We do this with broad focus on community engagement through partnerships that promote sustainable outcomes and greater resource recovery. Wanless has pledged to stand with communities and NGO’s to save the planet from plastics and is committed to reducing single use plastic waste from the ocean which is something close to Dean Wanless heart as a Northern Beaches resident and active user of Sydney’s beaches, now and for future generations’ use.

  • Our future focus is to make Wanless “part of the solution to pollution”
  • Remove single use plastics from the environment through client & community partnerships for community participation in education events
  • Invest our company resources where appropriate to support community sponsorship and engagement.
  • Empower our staff to get involved and bring projects to management that align with our company vision.
  • Celebrate and participate in key sustainability days and local projects that support the local community.

Our vision goes deeper than recycling

A staggering 9 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, and land-based waste is the greatest polluter. This ocean debris affects about 700 marine species, some of which are now endangered.

To help turn the tide on plastic pollution, Wanless eco(logical) is investing in US’s oceans.