Asbestos removal is a potentially dangerous process that can cause a great deal of harm to the surrounding community and environment. However, through effective safety procedures and correct collection devices, by specially trained staff, Wanless can minimise the risk to a safe level, and dispose of asbestos waste properly.

Asbestos is a regulated waste and therefore is disposed of via EPA regulations at an EPA approved site for special burial. Asbestos bins are supplied to customers with black plastic and tape. All asbestos waste must be completely held by bins, and taped securely for transport.

Driver’s responsibilities
When delivering the bin(s), the driver must:
* Line the bin with the plastic and leave the tape for the customer.
* Where possible, ensure the customer signs for the bin as all conditions are on the reverse of the docket.
* Ensure DO NOT OVERLOAD stickers are applied and visible.
* Ensure telephone number is correct and change if applicable.

When removing the bin(s), the driver must:
* Physically check the contents of each and every bin no matter what it was used for, due to EPA standards.
* Ensure that dockets are signed and EPA checked in reference to asbestos.
* The bin is transported to an approved landfill.