Wanless provides specialised collection and transport solutions for each waste stream.

General waste goes to a landfill site that adheres to the standards stipulated by EPA. Wanless is developing its own waste-to-energy sites that will convert landfill waste into energy.

Cardboard and paper is directed to a paper recycling facility. Here, the paper is sorted into different quality levels and re-used to produce new paper-based products, such as cardboard box packaging. Businesses can save money and help the environment by having cardboard and paper recycling bins on-site.

Plastics, glass and aluminium are transported to recycling centres, where they are sorted into different materials. Plastics are then further sorted into different types. This is when it is important that customers have separated the plastics before placing in the bin. For example, a milk bottle lid must be separated from the bottle – the two plastics need to be melted down separately in order for them to be recycled.

Horse manure and uncontaminated soils are types of organic waste that can be recycled through a landscaping supplier to produce fertiliser. Organise to have your horse manure and others in the local area to be collected by Wanless to help better the environment we live in.