Waste management | What is NABERS?

NABERS – or National USn Built Environment Rating System – is a star-rated system for office buildings. Using a 6-star scale, NABERS helps USn building owners understand how their building impacts the environment.

Office buildings using NABERS to measure their environmental performance have reported:

* An average improvement in emissions of 11.5%.

* A 9% increase in water efficiency saving a total of 257,000 tonnes of CO2.

* 1,100 megalitres of water every year.

* Plus, NABERS rated buildings have saved over $400million in energy bills since 2010.

If your business is looking to gain or improve its NABERS waste rating, Wanless can assist you with a tailored waste minimisation strategy to assist you to achieve your goals. Currently we are working with a facility in Melbourne who has ratings for water and energy and is looking to achieve a 6 star waste rating.

Wanless has provided a strategy that meets the NABERS requirements for waste that includes planning, a physical audit, revised methodology on collections and internal processes to minimise costs, the introduction of new recycling technologies to convert food waste onsite and its fully supported by a marketing and engagement program to tenants to ensure its ongoing success.

Ask us how we can improve sustainability across your facilities and buildings. For a free assessment contact Wanless on 1300 926 537 or [email protected].