We have an app!

Or rather, you have an app. Wanless’s brand new Waste Management App allows customers to virtually manage their waste collections from anywhere, anytime.

“We understand too well in this day and age how time poor people are becoming,” says Wanless CEO Dean Wanless, “where even waiting for a phone to ring or getting through to the appropriate person is frustrating. That’s why we have launched our new app that will take care of extra bin collections, bill paying and checking days of collections – all in the one place, right there on your smart phone.”

Stay in control of your collections, on any mobile device you can view your account. Book a collection, get any alerts and news straight away and pay your invoice at the tap of a button. We’re trialling it in Victoria to start with, but plan on rolling it out across other States in the near future. Download it now on iTunes or Google Play.