What goes into your Green organics bin

We love green. Green waste, green compost, Oscar the Grouch (okay, so we’re biased fans of his living arrangement)… It’s also your most versatile and underutilised bin, able to take so much more than just leaves and twigs.

To prevent smells occurring in your organics bin from fruit and vegetable scraps, keep the bin in the shade, wrapping fruit and vegetable scraps in newspaper and layering them with other green waste (lawn clippings, leaves etc).


Go, Green bin, go!

  • Ash (cold)

  • Bamboo food containers and cutlery

  • Bones (meat and fish)

  • Coffee grinds

  • Compostable bin liners (Council approved)

  • Cardboard food containers

  • Food scraps (all)

  • Flowers and dead plants

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps (all)

  • Garden trimmings

  • Grains (e.g. pasta, bread, rice, noodles)

  • Grass clippings

  • Hair

  • Kitchen towel (dirty)

  • Leaves

  • Manure (all animals)

  • Meat scraps (animal and fish)

  • Paper (dirty or wet)

  • Paper towel

  • Pizza boxes (dirty)

  • Seafood

  • Serviettes

  • Shredded paper

  • Soil (small amounts only)

  • Sticks and twigs

  • Tea bags

  • Tissues

  • Untreated timber (with no paint, nails or fittings)

  • Weeds


No, Green bin, no

  • Large amounts of soil

  • Treated timber

  • Plastic bags or plant pots