Wanless has designed for in-house use our own exclusive paperless integrated in-vehicle system, which is a modern cloud-based suite of software that functions as a web service with integrated Google mapping, route optimisation and mobile software apps that supports a wide variety of waste services collections. To optimise delivery of our collections and provide exceptional customer service, our integrated in-vehicle system works in real time, from live data collected within our Wanless fleet of vehicles, providing customers with service times and updates, confirmations and emergency services. To assist with driving sustainable outcomes for our customers Wanless in-vehicle system assists customers to better understand collection data, weights of services and collection volumes to provide a clear strategy for more efficient collections so bins are collected when full.

The Wanless in-vehicle system identifies ways to reduce waste costs and improved resource recovery which ultimately improves contract and environmental performance. Transmitting information through 3G & 4G between the Wanless operations and the vehicle interface in a live environment the Wanless in-vehicle system enables proactive communication with our operations team on the status of collections, allowing Wanless to provide our customers with exceptional service as we are on the front foot for any changes. It also enables full visibility across our collections for an any emergency or ad-hoc services should the need arise.

Wanless in-vehicle technology benefits to our customers:

  • The current location of our vehicles to assist with out of scheduled collections
  • Time stamp of when our vehicle provided the service
  • Weight data for environmental reporting and for managing heavy bins
  • Number of bins collected by quantity serviced verses quantity scheduled
  • Photo and video evidence of any service issues or contamination
  • Remotely provide instruction to operators or service notes
  • Time, date and location of collection
  • Kilometres travelled by service type
  • Return of vehicle to the Wanless depot or other specified location
  • Can be used to schedule and forecast both routine and ad-hoc work tasks

Enabling Wanless to provide its customers with efficient, flexible and on-time collections. Wanless exclusive in-vehicle system assists the environment as it is paperless. The system reduces administration and monitors driver productivity and improves accuracy of invoices for a better customer experience overall. With the Wanless in-vehicle system in the vehicles a more efficient collection service is provided and therefore reduces the Wanless carbon footprint assisting our company to “Create a better environment”.


Benefits of Wanless Integrated Vehicle System

Benefit 1.

Ability to accurately record collection data, enabling accurate invoicing and reporting.

Benefit 2.

Real time tracking of resources leading to efficiencies in scheduling.

Benefit 3.

iPad user-friendly interface technology reduces training required and reduces the potential for errors.

Benefit 4.

Time and date stamped photo and video records to assist in accurate reporting and invoicing.

Benefit 5.

In terms of functionality, Wanless in-vehicle system is a resource planning tool as well as a collection management system and can be used to schedule and forecast both routine and ad-hoc work tasks.