Contaminated soil pollution remediation

Wanless can deliver safe, compliant and environmentally responsible solutions for effective solid waste disposal and contaminated soil pollution remediation.

Soil contamination is most often caused by past industrial activity, use of agricultural chemicals or disposal of waste. Some of the contaminants include heavy metals, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), asbestos, oily water and other hydrocarbons, substances that can damage the soil and the water table beneath.

Industries that can benefit construction and demolition, and local and state governments, particularly where soil disposal and treatment solutions are required to help rehabilitate soil to regulatory and residential requirements.

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Hazardous Services


If you’re a workshop or industry that has excess paint to dispose of, our specialised bins and trucks can help. 


Quarantine Waste

For businesses at airports and ports, and/or importing products, Wanless provides quarantine bins for removal of wastes under the required AQIS regulations.


Contaminated Sludge

Wanless is able to dispose of your contaminated sludge in an environmentally responsible way.