Wanless is committed to supporting the Facility and Property sector through the provision of reliable waste collections that delivers strong environmental performance to meet your building or portfolios sustainability goals including NABERS ratings. Managing waste services across multiple tenancies, buildings and stakeholders including visitors, tenants and cleaners can be a complex environment. Wanless makes it simple, providing customised solutions that drives successful environmental outcomes and we assist you to manage your waste more effectively and inline with your annual budgets.

Our Account Managers are experienced across the Facility and property sector providing your business with a “Total Waste Management Solution”, effectively bundling all your waste, recycling, liquid waste, medical and hygiene services into ONE simple to manage contract saving you time and cost managing multiple vendors. Wanless strategically works in partnership to assess, manage and continuously improve the performance of the contract through the term.

Our project management process


To commence Wanless assesses your portfolio through a detailed waste assessment or physical waste audit to determine; waste stream identification, waste destination mapping from source to disposal, waste diversion opportunities, equipment and collections requirements, your staffs current awareness of recycling and culture and contamination levels. This performs the base line of current environmental performance. Our staff can also provide a detailed cost analysis, highlighting savings with a new Wanless offer.


Wanless through its detailed assessment identifies the simplest, cost effective and labour intensive processes to separate at the source, collect and dispose of waste & recycling throughout your facility. During the execution stage Wanless may change equipment, ensuring its use is specific to your requirements, is colour coded to USn standards and has matching signage. We also ensure your adequately set up to separate recycling at the source, maximising recovery whilst minimising landfill disposal.


Wanless supports the Facility and property sector with effective engagement program that promotes awareness and encourages good recycling practices and outcomes across your portfolio as we believe its critical to achieving your environmental targets and to maintaining building ratings. We provide innovative activities that promote source separation, a greater level of awareness of your building or portfolios environmental goals, an understanding of what is the correct waste handling procedures, understanding contamination and the role everyone play’s at work in an away from home recycling program. Wanless also engages with your onsite cleaning teams as they often handle more than 65% of waste, collecting it from tenancies and transporting waste and recycling to its final disposal destination in the dock.


Wanless provides a suite of monthly reports so we can monitor the environmental performance of the contract and ensure continuous improvement throughout the term. Our reporting suite allows customers of all sizes either at a single site view, state view or national view to better understand financial costs per month as well as recycling rates by stream. Wanless uses reporting as a discussion point in monthly meetings to pin point contract performance and use gap analysis and recycling results to analyse changes to drive further improvement. Reporting can provide trends across locations with the ability to benchmark sites of similar size and output as well as an understanding or staff culture for a targeted engagement campaign.

Wanless can also provide assistance with onsite Waste management staff who are dedicated to resource recovery, dock management, managing collections and working alongside your tenants with engagement activities. By investing in dedicated resources your recycling results improve and that of the recycling culture across the building or portfolio as our staff are highly qualified and experienced with customer engagement.