PFAS Decontamination

PFAS compounds are used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications, and can be found in soil, concrete, groundwater, surface water and sediments.

Wanless begins the process with a detailed site assessment to determine the most effective solution. We can then offer proven solutions based on scientific data and the results of trials and testing. A detailed site assessment will be necessary to specify the most effective solution.

The only effective method for the complete destruction of PFAS chemicals is thermal destruction. Chemicals are first treated in a liquid treatment plant, and the residuals need to be thermally destroyed to complete the process and ensure the contamination is removed from the environment.

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Hazardous Services


If you’re a workshop or industry that has excess paint to dispose of, our specialised bins and trucks can help. 


Quarantine Waste

For businesses at airports and ports, and/or importing products, Wanless provides quarantine bins for removal of wastes under the required AQIS regulations.


Contaminated Sludge

Wanless is able to dispose of your contaminated sludge in an environmentally responsible way.