Secure Product Destruction

Secure product destruction of items unsuitable for sale protects brands, businesses, their customers and the environment. There are a wide range of products that require secure destruction, and Wanless has dedicated facilities and processes to handle them all.

When products or materials are sensitive or become contaminated, out-of-date, obsolete, recalled or illegal, it is important to dispose of them securely. Any number of items can fall into this category, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to clothing, food and beverage products, papers, toys, electronics and more.

Wanless works with manufacturers, importers, retailers, warehouses and other businesses to ensure the safety and security of the business, the community and the planet by securely destroying sensitive materials. Contact us now to learn more.

Hazardous Services


If you’re a workshop or industry that has excess paint to dispose of, our specialised bins and trucks can help. 


Quarantine Waste

For businesses at airports and ports, and/or importing products, Wanless provides quarantine bins for removal of wastes under the required AQIS regulations.


Contaminated Sludge

Wanless is able to dispose of your contaminated sludge in an environmentally responsible way.