Cold Cutting Service

Cold Cutting is a cost effective and safe alternative to traditional hot cutting methods, particularly in industries or plants where chemicals and explosive vapours are present. Safer, faster and more environmentally, cold cutting is often the most effective way to repair pipelines. A cold cut saw will protect the integrity of all materials being cut while accurately separating any materials. HAZ means heat affected zone – it occurs when hot cutting techniques like plasma are used on a surface, often leaving damage requiring extra work to smooth the affected areas. In most cases, the molecular structure of the metal is broken down when using hot cutting methods. Cold cutting with a cold cut saw circumvents this problem, saving time and money as it cuts out a step in the welding or steel replacement process.

Industrial cleaning services

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining equipment on an industrial site has its challenges, no one knows that better than us!


Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurised water.


Surface Preparation

A good job requires good prep-work. But surface preparation like sanding or other abrasive means can damage surfaces, and leave you with a lot of dirt on your hands.


High pressure water blasting

High pressure water blasting is the process of spraying pressurised water onto a surface to remove dirt, scale, and any other unwanted surface material and contaminants.


Vacuum loading

Wanless deploys high velocity, bulk capacity vacuum trucks allowing for the removal of material such as sludge (wet and dry) efficiently, and at low cost.


Concrete Demolition

Wanless offers a full range of resource recovery and recycling solutions for the construction and demolition sector.


Our vision goes deeper than recycling

A staggering 9 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, and land-based waste is the greatest polluter. This ocean debris affects about 700 marine species, some of which are now endangered.

To help turn the tide on plastic pollution, Wanless eco(logical) is investing in US’s oceans.