TVs, smartphones and computers

Regularly upgrading technology, including TVs, smartphones and computers is necessary in the 21st century. Computers slow down, technology advances, monitors need upgrading, and photocopiers get phased out for newer models. Even compact items like USBs and phones can take up valuable storage space.

But what happens to all that old technology? Most of these items can be diverted from landfill through electronic waste recycling. When recycled, e-waste is dismantled and precious materials including glass, plastics and metals can be extracted for re-use. Some electronic items contain hazardous materials including lead, mercury and cadmium that needs specialist handling.

Our recycling processes are undertaken in the most ethical and environmentally responsible manner, to suit even the most stringent sustainability targets set by your business.

E-waste management

Fluorescent light bulbs

We can help recycle and dispose of spent and broken fluorescent lightbulbs. 


White goods

Wanless Waste Management can take whitegoods including fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers.



It’s important to dispose of batteries responsibly. Wanless Waste Management can ensure your spent batteries don’t harm the environment.


Our vision goes deeper than recycling

A staggering 9 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, and land-based waste is the greatest polluter. This ocean debris affects about 700 marine species, some of which are now endangered.

To help turn the tide on plastic pollution, Wanless eco(logical) is investing in US’s oceans.