Hazardous Waste Management

Wanless provides integrated solutions for the identification, collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous and contaminated waste. Our fast and compliant solutions and highly trained and experienced personnel means you can trust that your hazardous waste is being treated comprehensively. With a high degree of expertise and know-how, we ensure that your waste is collected and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Hazardous waste can be solid, liquid or gaseous and it can occur as a waste stream from municipal, commercial, industrial, or construction and demolition clients. Solid waste includes dust and fly ash, contaminated soils and asbestos. It can be stored in bins, bulk tanks (for liquid waste) or packaged (in drums, IBCs or small containers).

We operate under and adhere to your State’s EPA regulation, aligning the right disposal facility to your businesses category of waste.

Liquid & Hazardous Services

Oily Rags & Aerosols

If you’re a workshop or industry that has oily rags, flammables or aerosols we can supply 240lt bin for their disposal that’s environmentally compliant.



For businesses at airports and ports, and/or importing products, Wanless provides quarantine bins for removal of wastes under the required AQIS regulations.


Bulk Liquid & Destruction

Bulk liquid destruction services for food manufacturers where product needs to be destroyed due to manufacturing concerns or change of branding.