Market moves | Wanless finalises acquisition of Anderson Waste Resources

Wanless Waste Management is proud to announce the finalisation of Anderson Waste Resources as part of its East Coast expansion strategy.

“It was an obvious merge due to the similar equipment and clients,” says Wanless Waste Management Managing Director Dean Wanless. “For us, it means we have greater size and reach to better serve our East Coast clients.” 


About Anderson Waste Resources

Anderson Waste Resources handles most aspects of domestic and industrial waste management, such as skip bin hire and liquid waste removal. With more than 50 years’ combined experience, it serves the Greater Western Sydney, servicing residential homes, construction sites, industrial properties, commercial spaces and vacant lots. Sizes range from 1.5 metres to 30 metres, and are available with front lifts, hook lifts or crane-type bins.


Increased partnerships

The two businesses’ broad, general services are naturally aligned. Underpinning the alliance is Wanless’s holistic approach, where all waste is considered a resource. Through collections and the Resource Recovery Alliance, Wanless strives to incorporate recovery, recycling and re-use wherever possible.

With increased partnerships between specialist waste management organisations and more generalist companies, this acquisition is reflective of the industry as a whole and benefits both the end customer and the waste management provider.

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