Meet the team: Leanne Thomson

Meet the team: Leanne Thomson 1Leanne Thomson, Operator for excavators and loaders

Leanne started at Sydney Recycling Park in 2016 as an operator for our most heavy duty vehicles. We asked her the following questions about working at Sydney Recycling Park.

Why do you love your job?  Sydney Recycling Park is a unique facility as although we run landfill operations and a resource recovery facility, it still feels like you’re working the country and part of nature due to the design and management of the site. Many people live locally, some even across the road, so there is a lot of respect not just from Management but employees when it comes to our own actions and environmental performance.

What’s a regular day for you?  We start accepting loads at 7am as not to disturb our neighbours. As safety is important due to the number of vehicle movements onsite, I’m either directing trucks or using my equipment to separate and sort materials before they go through further sorting processes and grading.

Final word?  Being a female driver is empowering in equipment of this size, but it also comes with a  lot of responsibility and risk due to the environment in which we operate. I hope more women see this and consider it a career as our company has a large fleet and is encouraging of women to apply for these types of roles.