Sydney Recycling Park in action | Check out our new drone footage

Want to see our Sydney Recycling Park in action? Check out this awesome new drone footage of our shining recycling jewel in Western Sydney suburb of Kemp’s Creek.

We understand that whilst waste avoidance is the ideal solution there are always going to be residual inert wastes that need a disposal destination in Sydney, where waste is handled in an environmentally responsible manner with resource recovery and re-use at the forefront of its operations. To provide this assurance to our customers, we strictly adhere to local legislation and EPA guidelines managing our facility to the highest work place safety and environmental standards; currently operating two active engineered landfill cells in the southern section.

Sydney Recycling Park’s current waste capacity is 250,000 cubic metres which will be further enhanced through the mining of clay and shale materials over the next two years. With the final land formation being taken into consideration, the design airspace remaining is 1,000,000 cubic metres with an estimation for completion in 2043.

It is also the blueprint for the Wanless Recycling Park, a proposed resource recovery and recycling precinct at Ebenezer, about 12 km southwest of Ipswich CBD in Queensland. Wanless plans to construct and operate an innovative resource recovery hub that will continue to evolve as new technologies emerge. The company’s vision is to transform this degraded site into a productive precinct that generates employment and training opportunities for the local community.