Wanless Recycling Park update | What happens next?

Wanless’s proposed innovative recycling and resource recovery facility at 304 Coopers Road and 350 Coopers Road in Ebenezer, approximately 12km southeast of the Ipswich CBD, represents a significant investment in the region and an opportunity to set an entirely new benchmark in waste recycling and reuse. Here’s an Wanless Recycling Park update.


Wanless Recycling Park update | What happens next? 1


Development application submission

Wanless submitted a development application for the Wanless Recycling Park to Ipswich City Council in December 2019. Since then, Wanless has been following the processes required by Local and State Government agencies to progress the application through the assessment process, including a public notification period between 14 May 2020 and 5 June 2020. 

Wanless is also continuing to work with the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA), Department of Environment and Science (DES) and Department of Transport and Main Roads (DMTR) to provide further information and respond to any further questions the agencies have about the application to inform their Assessment.

Alongside the development application process, Wanless will apply to amend the existing Environmental Authority (EA). This amendment is necessary to transition the EA that applies over the site from mining to recycling, resource recovery and waste management.


Wanless Recycling Park update – so what’s next?

Wanless will continue to provide additional information to State Government agencies as requested and expects the State Government referral and assessment process will conclude in late 2020. Once the referral process is completed, Council’s decision-making period will commence.

The development application will also go through Ipswich City Council’s Independent Decision Review Panel, which involves a third-party review of the Council’s recommendations. This process includes a public hearing about the proposal, which gives local stakeholders another opportunity to learn more about the proposed development and have their say before Council makes a decision. It is expected that this public hearing will be held in early 2021.

Wanless welcomes your comments or feedback about this Wanless Recycling Park update. Please email [email protected].